Past Present Paranormal

It's been a while since we have investigated here at Past Present Paranormal.  Life gets in the way all too often as you all know.  Tonight, Friday January 29, 2016 was our first investigation of the new year.  Our new friend Lisa contacted us via our Facebook page to inquire about goings on in her residence.  We responded promptly as we always do.  We set up tonight's preliminary investigation and away we go.

Shannon, Michelle, and I arrived at 5pm to a residence with various complaints.  There are shadow people sightings, feelings of being touched, and auditory happenings.  We of course obtained permission to be on location from the owner of the home.  This is something Past Present Paranormal feels strongly about.  We were invited but never take chances.  With permission obtained we were set to go, except that all the brand new batteries I put in two pieces of equipment were sapped immediately.  It happened to Michelle as well.  Shannon was our savior as I screwed up and didn't grab AAA batteries.  I had everything but.  A quick trip to Albertson's for Shannon and we had batteries.  Ready to do a mini investigation.

Things were rather quite save a few feelings we all experienced at roughly the same time.  We heard several things and still have to run it through some audio programs.  The clients were extremely usual.  We will review the audio and video and get back to them as quickly as possible.

In other news, our website has seen a radical uptick in visits this past month and we greatly appreciate all of our visitors.  Please, don't hesitate to call or email us with questions.  We will answer them as quickly as possible.  Visit our Facebook page as well.  We are an amazing investigative group in search of the truth through scientific means.  Happy New Year to all!

Wonderful people helping clients in need